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Enjoy our collection of jewish jokes, after all that’s what they are here for!

Funny Video About Sneeky Lawyer

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Anti-Semitism Joke

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After recess the first grade teacher announced “I am going to go around the room … Read The Complete Joke

Vice President Joke

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In the year 2000 Joe Lieberman ran for president, being that he was the first … Read The Complete Joke


The Real Mother-In-Law

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Once two ladies came before King Solomon, fighting over a boy. “He’s my son-in law” … Read The Complete Joke

Is Goat Food Kosher?

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I was at a children’s zoo with my children happily feeding the goats when I … Read The Complete Joke

Jewish Politics Joke

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The President of a congregation went to visit the Rabbi in the hospital, who had … Read The Complete Joke

The Execution Joke

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Three men, a Frenchman, an Italian, and a Jew, were condemned to be executed. Their … Read The Complete Joke


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