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The story is told of a drunkard whose kids, intent on showing their father the loathsomeness of drinking, took their father when he was sober to a man plastered on the street. The father upon seeing the man crept next to him”man,” he said with a sigh of pleasure “you really got boozed what did you drink?”

So whether you are from the people who see the “beauty” of drinking, or from the people who think it’s detestable you are guaranteed to enjoy our drunk jokes.

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Snail Joke

Posted in Drunk Jokes, Husband Jokes

Tom’s wife was hosting a dinner party for some of her close friends, at their summer home. Moment’s before the guests were scheduled to arrive, she asked Tom if he … Read The Complete Joke

Bar Excuse Joke

Posted in Bar Jokes, Drunk Jokes, Husband Jokes, Men Jokes

Harry was sick and tired of being constantly badgered by his wife Barbara for spending so much time at the bar. Hoping it would help matters, Harry invited Barbara along … Read The Complete Joke

Cemetery Joke

Posted in Drunk Jokes

‘Bob’s Tavern’ was right next door to a cemetery. One day in mid winter a drunk stumbled out of the tavern. Due to his drunk state he wasn’t careful where … Read The Complete Joke


Drunkard Joke

Posted in Drunk Jokes

The poor man was such a habitual drinker that even he was finally convinced that he was an alcoholic . At his family’s urging he went to see a psychiatrist. … Read The Complete Joke

Alcohol Joke

Posted in Doctor Jokes, Drunk Jokes

Doctor: “I am not exactly sure of the cause. I think it could be due to alcohol.”
Patient: “That’s OK. I will come back when you are sober.”… Read The Complete Joke

Nasty Wife Joke

Posted in Drunk Jokes, Relationship Jokes, Wife Jokes

A cop pulled over a car and finds a young couple in the front seat. “Where’s your seat belt young man?” asked the cop. “Oh, I just took if off … Read The Complete Joke

Walk The Line Joke

Posted in Drunk Jokes, Police Jokes

A cop is doing standard patrol when he notices a car swerving all over the road. He quickly turns on his siren and pulls the guy over. “Alright,” says the … Read The Complete Joke

Crazy Drunk Joke

Posted in Drunk Jokes, Funny Stories

Jeff was fast asleep in his at bed at 3:00 am when he heard an urgent knocking at the door. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes he made his … Read The Complete Joke

Funny Throwing Up Video

Posted in Drunk Jokes, Funny Videos

Read The Complete Joke

Cold Turkey Joke

Posted in Beer Jokes, Drunk Jokes

Lady – “So do you drink?”
Man – “I used to drink a lot, but I quit cold turkey.
Lady – “Wow, that must take a lot of self control.”… Read The Complete Joke


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