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Wedding Jokes

Enjoy our collection of wedding jokes, after all that’s what they are here for!

Marital Bliss Joke

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“So Grandpa” asked Dave at his engagement party “your marriage to Grandma is legendary everyone talks about how you two get along so well and never fight, what’s the secret … Read The Complete Joke

The Happiest Day Joke

Posted in Marriage Jokes, Wedding Jokes

Harry was finally a  groom and was very excited about his upcoming marriage.  He was on his way out of the office when his boss came over to him with … Read The Complete Joke

Joy Of Marriage Joke

Posted in Marriage Jokes, One Liners, Wedding Jokes

Marriage is like a bar of soap. It smells delicious until you take a bite out of it!… Read The Complete Joke


Practice Isn’t Always A Good Sign Joke

Posted in Funny Stories, Wedding Jokes

I was very happy when an acquaintance of mine informed me that she was engaged. Trying to help, I told her that before my marriage, I went for premarital counseling … Read The Complete Joke

Honeymoon Joke

Posted in Wedding Jokes

Honeymoon: The holiday a man takes before he begins to work for
a new boss.… Read The Complete Joke

Enough Is Enough

Posted in Funeral Jokes, Wedding Jokes

My old aunts used to come up to me at weddings, poking me in the ribs and cackling, “You’re next!”

After a while, I figured out how to stop them. … Read The Complete Joke


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