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Enjoy our collection of genie jokes, after all that’s what they are here for!

Business Meeting Joke

Harry was working at a construction site when he came across a bottle. He popped it open and out came a Genie. “I gotta warn you,” said the Genie “I’m not that powerful but I’ll try my best.”

“Well” said Harry, “I’m trying desperately to start a new business and I have a very important meeting tonight with a potential investor…”

“I’ll tell you what,” said the Genie, “and this is the best I can do. I’ll give you a one time good luck charm. To start it say, 123. When you’re done, say 1234.” And with that the Genie was gone in a puff of smoke.

Harry couldn’t believe his good luck. As he nervously tied his tie in front of the mirror, he kept on repeating over in his head 123, 123, 123.

Harry nervously knocked on the rich man’s office. “Come in,” said the man in a deep imposing voice. OK, here goes thought Harry to himself as he sat down across from the man. Before he started he muttered to himself “123”, suddenly he knew everything would be OK. He opened up his mouth to start speaking but before he could say anything the man behind the desk pleasantly asked, “What did you say 123, for?”

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Travel Joke

An older couple were walking on a beach when the husband tripped over a bottle and a genie came out. “You can each have one wish,” said the genie. The wife made her wish first “I would like to travel around the world, with my husband,”. Suddenly there appeared in her hand two tickets for travel around the world. Now it was the husbands turn, “Well” said the husband, with a naughty look on his face “I wish I can have a younger companion,” . The words were barely out of his mouth when poof, he aged 20 years!

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Mean Boss Joke

The CEO of a large company was walking to the cafeteria along with two of his secretaries. Upon tripping on a bottle, a genie appeared and asked the threesome if they would like to each make a wish.

The first secretary excitedly exclaimed, “I wish I was on a beach in a tropical island!” Immediately her wish was granted.

The next secretary proclaimed, “I wish I was on a tour of France!” Immediately her wish too, was granted.

Being that it was now his turn to make a wish the CEO exclaimed “I want the two of them back in their offices right after lunch!”

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Be Careful What You Wish For

A man rubbed a bottle and a genie came out, “OK the genie said what’s your wish” The man said “I want all ladies to love me”, and he turned into a bar of chocolate.

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Good Men Are Hard To Find!

A lady rubbed a bottle and a genie  popped out. “You have one wish” said the genie. “Hey” countered the lady “I thought I get three wishes?” “Not from  me” said the genie “I’m not that powerful.” “OK” responded the lady taking out a map, “I am making a wish for  peace between this country……… .” “I’m really sorry” said the genie,  “but I am not powerful enough for that.”  “That’s fine” said the lady, “instead I would like to find a cool, caring man, who loves children, and cooking.” The genie sighed and said “alright….. let me see that map again.”

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