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Enjoy our collection of garage sale jokes, after all that’s what they are here for!

Museum Joke

“And this over here” croaked the 90 year old museum tour guide, “is a fossil 4 million and 69 years old, on it’s left you can see another fossil that’s 2 million and 69 years old.”

“Wow! That’s really fascinating,” said a fellow in the audience, “how can you age it so accurately to the year?”

“Well that’s simple” answered the old chap, “It was two million years old when I started working here 69 years ago.”

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Heat Joke

It was during a heat wave in August one summer when I saw this sign on a telephone pole. “Garage sale this Sunday 7AM until 100 degrees.”

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Used Clothing Joke

Always trying to save money, I often buy clothing for my kids from the garage sales. Recently, I purchased a new shirt from JC Penny for my 6 year old and was wondering why she was reluctant to wear it the next day. After asking her she responded,
“Oh, the store has their own washing machine… that’s why we don’t have to wash it first?!”

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