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Cannibal jokes are from the most gruesome, disgusting jokes out there.The truth is that the only reason it’s accepted to make such gruesome jokes even in sensitive company is because cannibalism is something we never chance upon so it’s just something amusing that doesn’t have any connection to reality. Enjoy our collection of nauseating cannibal jokes, and you don’t have to feel guilty laughing!

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Cold Shoulder Joke

Hey, you didn’t have to give me the cold shoulder!”
Said the cannibal who was late for dinner.

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Cannibal Eating Joke

Two Cannibals were eating a clown. One Cannibal Turned to the other
and asked, “Does This taste a bit funny to you?”

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Cannibal Cookbook

Cannibal Wife- Honey, why did you think I wanted a subscription to People Magazine?
Husband- Oh I’m sorry dear I thought it was a cookbook.

Better Homes and Gardens MEAT COOK BOOK 1968
photo credit: Thoth, God of Knowledge

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The Cannibal Supper Table

Cannibal Husband-I don’t like your Mother.
Cannibal Wife- Try the potatoes.

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Cannibal Soup?

Two cannibals were having supper. “Your wife makes great soups” said one to the other. “Yes” agreed the first, “but I am going to miss her terribly.”

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