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Welcome to Choke On A Joke!  We are here to make a difference!  There is too much pain and sorrow in the world.  There is too much war and fighting.  Lets not join the chaos, lets stay positive!   This is where Choke On A Joke comes into play.  It is our mission to bring good cheer to the world, one person at a time!  We want to help people relax and enjoy life,  but not through putting down, not through making fun, rather through good  old-fashioned healthy humor.  Some people think that this is a contradiction.  They say “it’s only funny if it’s mean, it’s only funny if it’s dirty.”  We are here to prove them wrong!

How do we know we are reaching our goals? Not through the thousands of visitors we receive a  month, but rather through how engaged our visitors are!  Over 2000 visitors a month stay longer than a half hour and look at an average of 36 jokes!  An additional 12,000 plus visitors stay between ten minutes and a half hour looking at an average of 16 jokes!  This is  how we know we are reaching our goal!  Our visitors aren’t just visiting, but staying and relishing in our jokes.

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