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Weather Jokes

Enjoy our collection of weather jokes, after all that’s what they are here for!

Cell Phone Joke

Posted in Weather Jokes

A man who found a cell phone walked over to a meteorologist and said “sir I think this is yours.” “Why do you think so?” asked the meteorologist “Well sir it says 20 missed calls!”

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Heat Joke

Posted in Funny Stories, Garage Sale Jokes, Weather Jokes

It was during a heat wave in August one summer when I saw this sign on a telephone pole. “Garage sale this Sunday 7AM until 100 degrees.”

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Which Game?

Posted in Men Jokes, Weather Jokes

It was at a miniature golf course on a brutally hot day when I saw a father with 3 kids. “Who’s winning?” I asked cheerfully. “I am” said one “no, I am” said another. “No,” the father said “their mother is!”

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