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Doctor Humor

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Enjoy our collection of doctor humor, after all that’s what they are here for!

Quarantine Joke

Posted in Doctor Jokes, Medical Jokes

“I hate to have to tell you this”, said the Doctor in a sad compassionate … Read The Complete Joke

High Fever Joke

Posted in Cute Jokes, Doctor Jokes, Little Johnny Jokes, Medical Jokes

My four year old daughter had a terrible case of the flu, she was achy, … Read The Complete Joke

Toilet Humor

Posted in Doctor Jokes, Nurse Jokes

A lady came in for a routine physical at the Doctor’s office . “Here”, said … Read The Complete Joke


Medical History Joke

Posted in Doctor Jokes, Medical Jokes

Due to a job transfer, Brian moved from his hometown to New York City.  Being … Read The Complete Joke

Injury Joke

Posted in Cheesy Jokes, Hospital Jokes

Did you here about the guy who lost his whole left side?
He’s alright now!… Read The Complete Joke

Hypochondriac Joke

Posted in Doctor Jokes, Medical Jokes

Brian, one of the worlds greatest hypochondriacs, bumped into his Dr. one day at the … Read The Complete Joke

Alcohol Joke

Posted in Doctor Jokes, Drunk Jokes

Doctor: “I am not exactly sure of the cause. I think it could be due … Read The Complete Joke

Poor Husband Joke

Posted in Husband Wife Jokes, Medical Jokes, Relationship Jokes, Wife Jokes

Sally walked in to the Dentist office to make an appointment. “How much do you … Read The Complete Joke

Enjoy Life Joke

Posted in Doctor Jokes, Old People Jokes

Sam goes to the doctor for his yearly checkup. “Everything is fine”, said the doctor, … Read The Complete Joke

Nervous Dad Joke

Posted in Funny Stories, Hospital Jokes

“Just relax”, the hospital staff kept telling Jim, but it was to no avail. Jim’s … Read The Complete Joke


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