Top 50 Jokes

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April Fools Day Prank2004.4-1.0
Vegetarian Meme244.4-1.0
Homework Joke11924.3-1.0
Horse Joke8204.3-1.0
Thinking Tongue Twister5874.3-1.0
Swimming Pool Joke5684.3-1.0
The Execution Joke3584.3-1.0
Get A Raise Joke3364.3-1.0
The Reason I'm Tired!3274.3-1.0
Speeding Ticket Joke3034.3-1.0
Good Looks Insult2964.3-1.0
Lord Or No Lord?2944.3-1.0
Parking Fine Joke2524.3-1.0
Parenting In A Nutshell Joke1734.3-1.0
Rest Stop Joke1474.3-1.0
Conversation Differences Between Men And Women1414.3-1.0
Puzzle Joke1344.3-1.0
Amish Joke1154.3-1.0
The Solution To Oversleeping1054.3-1.0
Joke About Cop Pulling Over A Drunk Man1004.3-1.0
An Honest What?984.3-1.0
Phone Meme964.3-1.0
Cat Meme824.3-1.0
Floor Meme774.3-1.0
Take Turns Joke734.3-1.0
The Cemetary Plot Joke704.3-1.0
Funny Cat Meme594.3-1.0
Happy Birthday Meme544.3-1.0
Kiss Cartoon544.3-1.0
Funny Marshmallow Meme534.3-1.0
Husband Wife Cartoon524.3-1.0
Winter Bloopers Video524.3-1.0
Political Joke434.3-1.0
The Helpful Husband Cartoon424.3-1.0
Funny Tie Cartoon394.3-1.0
Cheese Thought324.3-1.0
Funny Doctor Cartoon284.3-1.0
Political Humor264.3-1.0
High Meme184.3-1.0
Good News And Bad News Cartoon154.3-1.0
Funny Funeral Cartoon84.3-1.0
One Letter Makes A Big Difference7894.2-1.0
Enough Is Enough4524.2-1.0
Ark Joke1514.2-1.0
True Or Not?454.2-1.0
Marriage Quote384.2-1.0
Funny Dad Cartoon334.2-1.0
Just Try Not To Smile!304.2-1.0
Funny Prank Video254.2-1.0
Brutal Tactics214.2-1.0

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