Restaurant Joke

Sarah, Rosemary, and Anne went to a restaurant together to celebrate old times.

“I’ll take some Tom Yum soup” said Sarah to the waiter. “Nah” said the waiter waving his hand “you probably won’t like it, it’s way too spicy! Why don’t you  try the Garden Vegetable Soup?  “Alright,” said Sarah. “You know better than me, after all you are the waiter!”

“And how about you Ma’am?” said the waiter turning to Rosemary. “I think I’ll take the poached fish,” said Rosemary, after carefully examining the menu.  “I don’t really think you’ll like it,” said the waiter, “it’s very bland. Why don’t you try the Rib Steak with Garlic Marinade? “OK, I’ll take that instead,”  said Rosemary.

“And how about you?” said the waiter turning to Anne. “I don’t know, I can’t decide,” said Anne looking up from the menu, “what do you recommend?”

“Recommend?” said the waiter with a surprised look on his face, “who has time to recommend stuff smack in the middle of dinner hour!”

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